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Dear Robbie,

    This is your Fairy Grandmother typing to you from her own private planet in a far away mystical galaxy.  I'm enclosing a Magic Wand.  Of course, it's invisible  so it probably fell out when you opened the envelope.

Pick it up ..... with your imagination.....

    This wand uses the new pro-awareness and anti-misery technology.  It's called the   SPIFF-E 13. [combo model # u- kan- 2]   I'm including instructions for using it to help you  shape-shift yourself when you feel unsafe.  (You can figure out its other uses on your own, but be careful.  This wand is very powerful.)


    Like all real magic, the SPIFF-E 13 only works from the inside out.  No batteries are needed because this particular deluxe model is powered by two sources:

                                your life's breath, and

                                        your heart's love of truth.

    Keep it tucked between your lungs and underneath your heart until you notice...





ganging up in your gut.



    Pretend that every emotion--good or bad--is one of your elite team of counterspies

        returning from an undercover assignment with valuable information from the

                       CLASSIFIED TOP SECRET files of your only real enemy.

Who is this enemy?


? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?






Outer space aliens, of course.



How did these external terrestrial parasites infiltrate your body's borders?


    Millennia ago, their spies discovered the weakest link in the homo sapiens' line of defense.  It is the most vulnerable part of the human mind, the part often called .....

                                                       .........drum roll...........



E g o



    The aliens figured out that human egos thrive on lies--the bigger the better.  Our egos think that the truth ought to fit our fantasies, so we don't get much practice accepting truth for What it Is.  These ETs booby-trap all personalities with  microscopic timed-release germs that cause us to believe that happiness (or unhappiness) is caused by someone or some situation outside ourselves. We're tricked into going on our "...pursuit of Happiness..." in all the wrong directions.


    Alien espionage agents have never had any difficulty installing their destructive software in our gullible egos.  Each brainwashing program always contains a built-in cannibal virus that eats the true identity of its host.  All humans are infected.  Left untreated, we become robots (clones) in the service of aliens whose purpose is to conquer and colonize the whole planet.  (See the sci-fi classic The Invasion of the Body Snatchers.)



Can this corrupt conditioning be uninstalled???







    Fortunately, you have at your command an army of spiritual warriors that work for you in the form of emotions.  Your SPIFF-E 13 is capable of decoding the silent secret messages that your emotions smuggle in to help you reclaim your true identity.  These messages contain clues that only you can decipher with the help of your magic wand.


Follow these instructions:



     1. Press your PAUSE button whenever yucky feelings first begin to wash over you

         (but don't hold your breath).


     2. GRIP your SPIFF-E with your imagination. This action alone will start

           to neutralize negative vibes.


     3. CLOSE your eyes if possible  (but not if you are on a skateboard).


     4. FOCUS your attention on your breathClear away all other thoughts and pay total attention

           to your breathing.  Take from three to five  s..l...o....w.....  very deep  breaths (maybe more, depending on

           the intensity of the feelings).


     5. With your mind, AIM the wand at each place in your body that is being affected by

         emotion.  For example, there may be butterflies in your stomach, a tightness in your chest, a lump in your

          throat, weak knees, sweaty palms, and so forth.  If your heart starts beating really fast, or if you have trouble

          breathing, point the wand toward the center of your chest.


     6. LET GO of everything!  Pretend to melt like a popsicle in the sun.  Do not think anything.  You will

          have an experience, but you can't create it and words can't describe it.  You can only allow it. Your body

          and your mind must be very  s t i l l  to get an accurate translation of the incoming coded messages. 

          LISTEN with your heart's ears.  (Bench your ego.  Better yet, send it to the showers.)


                   These steps take lots of practice, but the prize is worth the effort. 

                                                    You will regain your




(Remember the movie The Dark Crystal.)







    You are not merely your body.  Your body is made out of very old recycled earth stuff rearranged into a one-of-a-kind unit for you to use to motor  around in while you're here.


    mother nature customized your body so it is not like any she ever made before or will ever make again.  AWESOME!  What a woman ! ! !


    Bodies come only one to a customer so take care of yours.  Make regular oil changes.  Use healthy fuel.  Rotate your tires.  Wash, wax, and polish.  Keep your body dependable.  Make it last.  Appreciate and respect it.  It's your Rolls Royce.  ( Aston Martin, if you prefer.)  Don't get in the back seat of your own life and let your ego or anyone else chauffeur you around. That's a wreck waiting to happen.



You have a body.  You have a mind.

You have emotions.





Do they have you ?



Who is running your show?  Who calls the shots? 

Do aliens have you on autopilot?




Will the real  Robbie please stand up!








    Just for fun, consider this scenario:

           Pretend you are pure b e i n g taking a vacation from eternity

            to play a hide-and-seek game with your Self.  The object of this


G a m e   of   L i f e


is to discover your true identify. 

(This could be called a spiritual game of Clue.)



    Similar to most electronic games, the alien software embedded in your ego includes challenges at increasing levels of difficulty.  The unique version of BEING  that is you is hiding in a disguise called "Robbie" on a stage called The Globe performing the leading role in a play called



Robbie's  Situations



    The best way to discover your Self and win the game is to learn to create your own stories and write your own scripts.  Some Beings choose short skits or one act plays with few scene changes.  Some perform in longer plays with many acts and intermissions.  Some like dramas.  Some prefer sit-coms.  Some choose musicals or variety shows.  Some create elaborate adventures with cliffhanging suspense.


    Of course, you can spend your whole Lifetime bored by reruns with interchangeable plots and predictable dialogues written by aliens on the program they hacked into your ego when you left eternity to take this trip.  The payoff for settling for this routine is a false sense of security and an unemployed mind.  Remember, egos are addicted to lies, preferring illusions to truth.










    You can use the magic SPIFF-E wand to delete indoctrinated toxic beliefs after your emotions  have shined a spotlight on the tricks, treats, and traps of the game.  Remember...


                                                   Life itself

                              packed your suitcase for this trip. 


                    You have everything you need to get the souvenir memories you want.









is always













    You're at the beginning of your trip through Life.  My adventure is winding down.  You're about to enter the "turbulent teens."  I'm in my "second childhood."  However, the suggestions I'm sending will work for anyone who puts them to use whether he or she is five years old or over fifty.

    The wand will not stop pain, which is a growth hormone; but it can neutralize suffering, which is an attitude.  You may want to believe you have no choice  but to play the victim role when physical, mental, or emotional pain crashes your party.  Instead, you can refuse to let Self-Pity spoil the fun. This planet is heavy with whiners.  One more mental clone could tip the scales.  Don't let it be you.  The Blame Game is fixed.  Nobody wins.  Not ever! 

    Don't waste the wand trying to "...make something of yourself."  Its magic will help you discover all that you already are.  Your life is your Mystery.  Only you can figure you out.

    It's my hope that you will begin to free yourself from destructive patterns of thinking that you never consciously chose.  For your own sake and for the sake of the world, open your mind.  Think.


When truth enters, freedom happens.



            Grandma J




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