Accentuating the Positive

(with apologies to Johnny Mercer)


            Ac-cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive was written in 1944 with lyrics by Johnny Mercer and music by Harold Arlen.  It's an appropriate theme song for an incurable optimist; but after being nearly cured by one of Life's major tests, I took the liberty of changing the lyrics slightly to reflect an important lesson learned: energy spent trying to eliminate the negative is definitely not cost effective.


Play the song:



                           Gather 'round me, everybody,

                           Gather 'round me while I preach some,

                           Feel a sermon comin' on me.

                           The topic will be sin and that's what I'm "a-gin."

                           If you wanna hear my story,

                           Then settle back and just sit tight,

                           While I start reviewin' the attitude of doin' right.


                            You've got to accentuate the positive, illuminate the negative,

                            Latch on to the affirmative,

                            Make use of all that's in-between.


                            You've got to spread joy up to the maximum,   

                            Bring gloom down to the minimum,

                            Have faith or pandemonium liable to walk upon the scene.


                            To illustrate my last remark

                            Jonah in the whale, Noah in the Ark,

                            What did they do

                            Just when everything looked so dark?


                            "Man," they said, "We better accentuate the positive,

                            Illuminate the negative,

                            Latch on to the affirmative,

                            Make use of all that's in-between."


                            Yes!  Make use of all that's in-between. 



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